Hall Availability and Rates

Hourly rate: $25 per hour

Bond $300 (refundable)

$300  e.g. Saturday 12pm to Sunday 12pm

plus $300 bond (refundable)

and $70 cleaning fee


$450  e.g. 5pm Friday to Sunday 12pm

plus $300 bond (refundable)

and $70 cleaning fee

Conditions Of Use: Conditions of use

Hall Exit document: Hall Users exit list



3 thoughts on “Hall Availability and Rates

    • Hi Luna, $300 give you access to the hall from noon of one day to noon the other day. There is also a bond of $250 which you get back if the hall is left in satisfactory condition. The hourly rate is $25.
      Anita for ORA

  1. Hi ORA ( perhaps Anita)

    Stu Macleod here I am hoping to book ORA for Friday July 2nd for a joint birthday for myself and my son. We live in Surfdale.
    We would ideally like it from 6pm (for setup) through till midnight.
    I see you have a Matariki event on the Sunday at 4pm so I could have the hall tidied and clean by 12pm?
    I also see the rate would be $150 with a $250 bond which sounds good.
    Kind regards
    Ph 021372433

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